Seeing the Kingdom Come 5

We have been seeing how the Kingdom came in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As we observe these things, there are at least two important conclusions we can draw.

Conclusion #1

Whenever Jesus came on the scene, the Kingdom of God was brought near enough for people to experience.

Jesus’ primary message was, “The Kingdom of God is at hand” (Mark 1:14 – 15).  This literally meant the Kingdom was now in reach (I have devoted an entire post to this topic).  The sick and the lame in the city of Capernaum experienced what it will be like once suffering is eradicated from the Earth.  Jairus and his household got a glimpse of the resurrection that comes with the Kingdom.  A hungry crowd quite literally got a foretaste of the great banquet the Lord will host when His Kingdom comes in fullness (Isaiah 25:6).  Anyone who came within close proximity to the Lord Jesus stepped into the presence of the future.

Conclusion #2

Where the Kingdom of God extends, the reign of darkness ends!

This is as plain and simple as it gets.  In the Presence of the King, every form of darkness had to bow its knee in absolute submission.  The demon possessing the man in the synagogue in Capernaum found this out in a hurry.  There was no work of darkness that could resist the will of the King.  Everything had to obey Him the moment He spoke.

Nothing has Changed

The Kingdom is still within our reach whenever we step into the Presence of the King.  He is still with us in the Person of His Holy Spirit.  The moment we acknowledge His Presence in worship we step into the presence of the future; we get a taste of the powers of the coming age.  In that atmosphere darkness has to bow it’s knee.  The blessings of that future day can be grasped by those in need.  This is why the Church must begin pursuing the King and His Kingdom with an ardent zeal.  We must let the world get a taste of what life is like when we are living in the Reign.


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