Even the Little Things

Sometimes I think we forget the Lord is also our Heavenly Father.  As such, He is concerned about every aspect of our lives, even the little things.  Let’s face it, He is the one that has taken the time to number the hairs on our head (Matthew 10:30).  Let me share a couple of recent testimonies of how the Lord has concerned Himself with some of the “little things” in our lives.


Photo Credit: DannyPearson via Compfight cc

The Lawn Mower

Some time back our lawn mower was running really rough.  I had no idea what was wrong since I am no mechanic at all.  However, as I pondered the situation, the idea came to mind to check the air filter.  Instead of doing that, I called one of our Elders who is Mr. Super Mechanic.  What did he tell me?  “Check the air filter!”  (When will I ever learn to listen?)  Sure enough, I cleaned out the air filter and the mower ran great.

The next day, however, the mower suddenly quit and wouldn’t restart.  Now what?  Mr. Super Mechanic had said something about the spark plug.  I (Mr. No Mechanic) didn’t think it could be that because the mower initially started.  However, the thought kept coming to me that I should check the spark plug.  I have learned that when a thought comes that persistently it is often the voice of the Lord.  I checked the plug and found it needed cleaning.  I cleaned it, replace it, and now the mower works fine.  The Lord saved me somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty dollars as a result!

The Wheelbarrow

We have a great wheelbarrow for working around our yard.  Not too long ago the valve stem on one of the tires broke and the tire went flat.  The replacement valve I purchased did not fit properly, and I was unable to locate one that did.  What to do?  As I pondered the situation, the Lord showed me how I could modify the valve so it would fit.  I tried it and it worked! (Imagine that!)  He even showed me what to do so the tire would re-inflate properly.  Color me happy!

I’m Convinced

You have come too late to tell me the Lord doesn’t care about the “little things” in our lives.  I’m convinced He does.  I wonder how many times have we missed the opportunity to see Him do something amazing because we didn’t want to “bother Him” with the “little things?”  Living in the Reign means having a Heavenly Father that cares about every detail of our lives.


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