Washing Feet


Photo Credit: mdpmclean via Compfightcc

A Time of Ministry

Recently my wife and I had the opportunity to share the things of God with a group of folks in another community.  I shared the Word of God and then prayed with several people.  It was amazing to see how the Lord moved in the people’s live.  We had a great time of ministry.

A New Insight

The next morning as I got quiet before the Lord, He asked me a question that opened a whole new line of thinking for me.

“Did you enjoy washing feet last night?”

Words cannot describe how this question impacted me.  As His question (and a few other things He said) penetrated my consciousness, I saw something I don’t believe I had ever seen before.

All ministry is about washing feet.

Whenever we minister to another, whether by the Word or by the Spirit, they are being cleansed from the defiling dust of wrong attitudes, wrong beliefs, judgments, rejections, fears, sins, illnesses, etc. that are picked up from walking in this fallen world. When our heart is to serve through love, the King can do amazing things through even the simplest act of kindness. He can cause cleansing and healing to take place on levels we know nothing about.  Interesting, huh?

The Example

In the culture of Christ’s day, foot washing was the lowliest task performed by a slave.  The King set the example of loving service by washing the feet of His disciples and instructing them to do the same for one another (see John 13:1 – 17).  Some groups have take this literally and hold actual foot washing services.  That’s fine.  For me, this insight from the Lord put a whole new twist on things.  I don’t think I will ever look at ministry the same way again.  Serving the King by washing the feet of others, however we do it, is another facet of living in the Reign.


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