The Great Key

There is a proper posture that we must adopt in order to effectively live in the Reign of God.  We typically fight against this position with everything within us. Read on and find out what it is.

3887910091_9c650fc53c_b Photo Credit: Colin/Murphy via Compfight cc

A.B. Simpson

In his devotional book Days of Heaven Upon EarthA.B. Simpson describes the great key to an efficient spiritual life in Christ in his entry on February 8th.

“Insufficient, ‘All sufficient.’ These two words form the complement of each other and together give the key to an efficient Christian life. The discovery and full conviction of our utter helplessness is the constant condition of spiritual supply. The aim of the Old Testament, therefore, is ever to show man’s failure; that of the New, to reveal Christ’s sufficiency. He has all things for us, but we cannot receive them till we know that we have nothing.”

Hard Words to Hear

These are hard words to hear.  We fight desperately to keep from admitting how helpless we are.  Helplessness goes against everything our culture teaches us.  It is completely contrary to the humanistic philosophy.  Our own pride causes us to chafe against the idea.  However, Brother Simpson’s words echo something said by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3  ESV (emphasis added)

Children are absolutely helpless and totally trusting.  They recognize their own insufficiency and completely trust in the resources of their caregivers.  Our Heavenly Father honours this same posture of humility, no matter what our age.

The Key

This child-like posture is the key to truly living in Christ.  Until we admit our complete inefficiency, and rest the full weight of our faith on Christ`s total sufficiency, we will never experience the fullness of what it means to live in the Reign.


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