Praying in Crisis

There is a storm gathering in the Ukraine.  Political upheaval has left the country in a state of instability.  Russia is threatening military action in Crimea.  The world is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what will happen.  As God’s people, our first response to this situation should be to pray.  The question is, how do we pray in times like this?  Author/teacher Martha Kilpatrick provides us with some valuable insights.

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Desert Storm

In an article titled Praying in Time of War, Martha shares how the Lord taught her to pray about crisis situations during the time Iraq invaded Kuwait. Always a woman of prayer, Martha was praying diligently as operation Desert Storm was about to commence. Martha writes about how the the Lord guided her on how to pray from His standpoint.

“I was at first simply asking God how to pray, what to pray. I didn’t pray. I asked for prayer. Most of prayer is asking for the right prayer. When you hit the right prayer it is answered immediately. What we can imagine is small, but God answers the prayers He originates.

“The first word I heard from God was this: ‘Are you on the side of the United States or are you on MY side?’

“I hadn’t considered that this might be a conflict. Of course God would be on America’s side! Of course He wanted us to win. Well, this question shook my premise. I considered and prayed and said, ‘I am on Your side, Lord. If you want to judge America, if you want to use this to chasten her, I am on Your side!'”

We Think We Know

How many times do we think we know what needs to happen in any given situation?  To us it seems obvious, so we proceed to tell God what He needs to do.  Then we wonder why God doesn’t answer our prayers!  Fortunately, Martha chose to stand with the Lord.  Let’s see what happened as she began to partner with the King.

“I was not focusing on the enemy’s strength, or the devil’s forces. I was living in a place that concerned itself only with God’s strategy. In that place, God had no resistance. He directed the war. And I had the strange sensation that I was anything but alone. I was in my house praying day after day – all alone.  But when I reached a certain level or sweep of prayer (I hardly know how to describe it), I was aware that I was in an unseen company of many intercessors with angels at our side to do our bidding. This company of “many” all knew God’s mind, agreed to His plans. ‘We’ knew what to pray and ‘we’ were in absolute unity about it. We were the fighters directing, by His specific order, the movements of angels and the defeat of principalities and nations.

“I tell you, we sent in angels before the tanks. We conquered the enemy before the conquerors went in. Desert Storm was an amazing war. It was over in a matter of hours. There were a few tragic casualties but nothing compared to what was projected by those who were supposedly experts.”

History indeed records the resounding victory that was won during that conflict.  What the history books will likely not record is the hundreds, possibly thousands, of US soldiers who came to Christ during that time.  There were tremendous victories won behind the battle line as well as at the front.

A New Perspective

Needless to say, Martha came away with a whole new perspective on prayer; a perspective we desperately need in our day.

“There is another realm. It is a place. It is an actual place of awareness where God’s mind is above all, untouched by anything, and ruler of all. To enter the current of His will in intercession is to ride a river of great movement and a force that cannot be stopped.  A River flowing toward His purpose and accomplishing His Ideas, simply by prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the directing of angels. In that sphere, God moves. And you can catch this stream, ride the momentum, and share His plans by being the vessel of His intention, by agreement with His brilliance and His governing of history.”*

Praying in the Reign

I hope you will take the time to read the entire article as I have only shared a few paragraphs.  We must learn how to partner with the Lord in prayer.  We must learn that we swear allegiance to only one King.  There is only One whose political agenda we support.  We must set aside our own desires and agendas to truly pray that His Kingdom will come so His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.  This is what praying in the Spirit is all about (Ephesians 6:18).  This is what true prayer looks life for anyone who is living in the Reign.


*All quotes taken from the article Praying in Time of War, found in the Prophetic Writings section of the website Read MK, Copyright © 2001 Martha Kilpatrick

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