Limiting God


  “Behold, I am the Lord,the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?”

Jeremiah 32:27 esv

Limiting His Ability
We often limit God’s ability in our lives by our circumstances. We seem to think it would be easier for Him to move in our situation if we were somehow better connected. Yet how often in God’s Word do we see Him bring people out of complete obscurity and have them stand before kings? How often do we see Him work in circumstances where there were no resources to draw from? Was God ever limited by lack? Even so, God is not limited by anything we do or do not have. He is limited only by our ability to trust Him completely, no matter what we are facing.
Look Up
When circumstances arise in our lives, instead of looking around and wondering where help is going to come from, we need to look up. We need to allow ourselves to be captivated by the Lord’s all-sufficiency instead of being crippled by our sense of insufficiency. We need to let Him take over and work when there is nothing we can do. That is when we will see how great He really is.

Take the Limits Off

We need to take the limits off God. We need to let Him be who He has revealed Himself to be in His infinite greatness. By taking the limits off, we will get to experience the full measure of what it meas to be living in the Reign.

2 thoughts on “Limiting God

  1. What are our limits? We have speed limits; (thank God), otherwise we might all be destroyed. Even within the limits of speed, our cars are restricted to space, divided by a white line. At some fast food restaurants, there might be a limit on the time when breakfast starts and ends. 365, 7 and today is a limit, but……God truly has set those who would dare believe in his sovereignty, an ability to rip all limits off by receiving his Son Jesus!

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