Making All Things Sacred


22 Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. Try to please them all the time, not just when they are watching you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord. 23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. 24 Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ. Colossians 3:22 – 24 NLT

Erasing the Divide

For too long there has been a division in the minds of God’s people between what is secular and what is sacred. This attitude has led to a duality that causes people to live one way at church and another way the rest of the week. This must not be. It’s high time that we erased the divide, but how?

What I Learned

The only way to make all of life sacred is to do everything as if we were doing it for the Lord, just like Paul exhorts slaves to do in the Scripture passage quoted above. I learned this while working as a school janitor. The work was thankless and mundane, and I was having a hard time getting into it. Then I heard the Lord whisper to my heart,

“How would you clean those desks if you knew I would be sitting there?”

I responded, “Those desks would be absolutely spotless!” Then He made me to know that I was to view every one of those students as though they were Him.

Everything changed after that. I could now do my job joyfully because I was doing it for the King. If ever it started to become a drag, I would simply recall the conversation and get my thinking back on track.

An Act of Worship

When we take this attitude, all of life becomes an act of worship. When everything is an act of worship it can be done with joy, regardless how mundane or difficult it may be. The only thing that concerns us is that we are doing what we are doing in a way that pleases Jesus. This is what He embodied when He walked among us. This is what He wants us to embody as we walk among our fellow men. All things are made sacred by those who are living in the Reign.


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