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“You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! John 5:39 NLT

Which One?

 Which one would you choose: to know the Word of God, or to know the God of the Word? Many think that these are one and the same. Not necessarily. In my years of journeying with the King, I have met a number of people who knew a lot about the Bible, yet wouldn’t know God from a tree stump!

Means to An End

This happens because knowledge of the Bible is viewed as an end in itself. Some have, therefore, pursued Bible knowledge almost to the point of idolatry. They seem to think that a knowledge of the Book is the key to sustaining their spiritual life.

It was never meant to be this way. God’s Word was never meant to be an end in and of itself. It was meant to be a means to an end, and the end to which it points is God Himself in Jesus Christ. God’s Word was meant to lead us into God’s Presence. That is why all of our reading and study of the Bible must end with an upward gaze. Only by coupling prayer and study can we come to truly know the Lord and experience the resulting transformation.

Increasing Our Experience

God gave us a Book so we could come to know Him. Unfortunately, we have often substituted the Book for the Author. Let’s not miss the true purpose of the Book, which is to increase our experience of living in the Reign.


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